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Hey peeps!

My name is Leonie and I love to share simple and healthy vegan recipes. I hope you’re going to feel inspired to start or continue preparing plantbased recipes for you and your family and friends. Follow me and my (food) journey. I promise, it never gets boring to figure out new recipes.

My personal goals:
  • to focus on wholesome food
  • to eat mindful
  • to save money (I prefer to buy seasonal and regional food and use cheap “superfoods” like broccoli, lentils, oats, linseeds… instead of substitute products and expensive superfoods like goji berries, chia seeds…)
  • to reduce plastic waste
  • to inspire my community (I’d like to offer value with every single post)

THANK YOU for all your support and feedback.

Please feel free to contact me via business@foodivity.de, Instagram or Facebook. I’ll answer asap!

Here’s some space for your personal feedback: