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Wraps, salads, bowls, bread, pasta – Food is so manifold and that’s what I love about it. You can show your creativity by using your favorite products and putting them together to create a delicious meal. You may think cooking is time-consuming and complicated. My experience shows the complete opposite. It’s so simple to prepare a bowl with quinoa, broccoli, chickpeas and hummus – which is a vegan and nutrient-rich meal.

My aim is to show you the simplicity of providing yourself with healthy food.

In my surrounding I’m confronted with many people who think cooking is something you can either do or not. NO! There are endless possibilities to find recipes which offer you a very detailed description what you need to do. Step by step towards a delicious meal. Don’t fear to fail, embrace the challenge and go for it! That’s what I’d like to achieve. Motivating you to get in the kitchen and be a self-supporter. Believe me, cooking at home is a lot cheaper than going to the restaurant or buying finished products.

While your challenge may be the process of “learning how to cook”, my challenge consists of creating new recipes, testing products and producing inspirational and motivational content for you! ?