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Hey, my name is Leonie and I’m a young student.

Here are five random facts about me:

  1. I love cooking, baking and creating new recipes.
  2. I hate plastic waste, that’s why I prefer to buy my food fresh at the market and always bring my own bags where I can put my stuff in.
  3. I love dancing and I’m so glad to be part of an amazing dance school with talented, lovely and motivated people who always cheer up my day. That’s why I take dance classes three times per week.
  4. I’m interested in personal development. My favorite coaches are Laura Malina Seiler and Christian Bischoff  and my favorite books are “the big five for life” and the German book “Die Gesetze der Gewinner“.

By the end of 2016, I created an Instagram account to share my latest food experiences. With this this blog I’d like to reach more people and to inspire them to start or continue a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Become a part of my journey!