vegan challenge #28days

As you may have already noticed on my Instagram account, I’m not eating vegan for a long time. At the first of February I’ve started a challenge to eat exclusively vegan for one month. By looking in my storage and the refrigerator I found out that I actually nourished myself almost completely vegan before the project. The only animal products I found in the kitchen were fish, self-made bread containing eggs and cheese. Meat made its way to my plate only when I visited my parents or when I was in the mood for eating a meal with meat at the restaurant. At home I cooked vegetarian meals only – except salmon and beef in some special cases.
Therefore the project didn’t call for a drastic change. Anyway it took me quite a long time to do research on vegan nutrition, I searched for recipes and sometimes it was still unusual to have a look at all ingredients a product contains and to say no to pizza, cake and fish as I visited my friends and family on birthday parties for example.
All in all, I’m convinced of the manifold benefits of eating vegan and sure that it’s healthier than consuming animal products especially dairy products. Did you know that lentils contain more proteins than beefs and eggs?
As I enjoyed cooking vegan and determining the simplicity of preparing meals without animal products, I’m going to continue to share exclusively vegan meals with you. If you love meat and milk products to much to disclaim them, you can ask me for healthy (non-vegan) recipes I’ve created in the past and inspirations from cooks I’m looking up to.