vegan deviled eggs – Easter special

My most simple recipe ever! 
ingredients (for twenty halves):
preparation time: 5-10 minutes 
  • 10 dried figs 
  • 1 banana 
  • 2tbs frozen berries 
  • 1tbs lemon juice
  1. Cut the figs in halves.
  2. Light filling: Blend the banana in a food processor and spread it out on half of the „eggs“.
  3. Red filling: Add berries to the rest of the banana cream and spread it out on the other half of the „eggs“. 
  • Add 1tbs cashew mush for a more creamy consistency. 
  • Replace the figs with any other dried fruits of your choice, e.g. dates, plums, apricots.
  • Sprinkle some chopped hazelnuts or coconut flakes on top. 


During the last days, I’ve seen a lot of Easter blogpost and wondered if I should join the “special Easter post movement”. I wasn’t sure if I should create another cake recipe or something completely else. After I’ve seen all the “carrot cake with coconut frosting” posts, I decided not to prepare a cake this time. Well, it ended up with deviled eggs, because I like crazy ideas to substitute animal products. It’s actually the most simple recipe I ever prepared, because it requires only four ingredients and takes 5 minutes to be prepared. Still, I really like the idea and I promise you that’s it’s extremely tasty! Thanks to the frozen berries, the filling tastes almost like ice cream! Of course you can slice the banana first and store it in the fridge for one hour. Then it will taste like nicecream, too.

Nicecream is such a great invention! It’s so much healthier than usual ice cream with cream and sugar. There are so many possibilities to vary the taste. Maybe I should create a new blogpost in which I share some simple nicecream variations? Would you like to read that? Please comment below or message me and share your opinion with me!

I hope you enjoy the Easter holidays to the fullest and spend it with your beloved ones.

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