FREE E-BOOK with 5 vegan energy ball recipes!

Hey peeps!
Today is a very special day because I’m sharing my first e-Book with you!
I prepared a collection of 5 simple recipes. You might recognized that I love vegan energy balls because they are extremely tasty, can be perfectly used as a snack and require only five minutes to be prepared!
Non-vegan people might fear missing out on something by becoming vegan, but I can say for sure that it won’t be like this. Of course, there are many things you can’t eat anymore, like meat, fish, cheese, yoghurt, milk. But believe me, vegan food is so versatile and there are millions of options to combine all different kinds of veggies, grains, fruits, nuts etc. in tasty meals.
Before getting vegan, I’d never heard of „energy balls“, „bowls“ and vegan cheese. I’m really happy to discover so many new things!
nut-free balls
green balls
walnut balls

Well, let’s get back to the main topic… I prepared this e-Book with 5 vegan energy ball recipes, because I love sharing my creations with you and because it’s so great to see you guys reacting to my posts. I’m so thankful to receive comments, likes or to be tagged by people who try out my recipes. That’s why I created this blog and why I still continue to post one recipe each week. I’d like to inspire you and to show you how simple and great it can be to provide yourself with healthy, plant-based food.

All things you need to prepare these energy balls are a blender and at maximum six ingredients for each recipe.
So simply open this link, get inspired and spread some good vibes!
Much love and kind regards from my kitchen,
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