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Hey peeps!

I love to share simple and healthy vegan recipes with you and inspire you with tips for keeping a positive mindset.

My personal goals:
  • eating fresh food (no processed food)
  • eating mindful (take your time to chew and taste every single ingredient of your meals)
  • saving money (I advice you to avoid superfoods that are extremely expensive without having an immense effect on your health)
  • reducing plastic waste (sometimes it’s hard, but every plastic bag/bottle that you save counts!)
  •  inspiring my community (I don’t want to preach, I’d like to add value to your life)

My name is Leonie and I’d love to work on a healthy plant-based diet together with you guys! Follow me and my journey through all those ups and downs, those successful and failed experiments of testing new recipes… it’s all part of the way and I’m loving it!

THANK YOU for being you!

You’d like to know something specific? You’d like to express your criticism about my posts? Please feel free to contact me via business@foodivity.de, Instagram or Facebook. I’ll answer asap!


Here’s some space for your personal feedback: