Mindful eating means to be aware of the substances you’re feeding your body with. Avoid flavor enhancer, preservatives and additives – these are no solids your body is reliant on. In contrast you’re rather damaging your body by using finished products instead of raw food.

Don’t forget that your body is not only affected by your nutrition. Movement is another very important part of your life which should have a high significance. Avoid to sit around the whole day, take breaks while working, stand up, walk around and stretch yourself. Go for a walk, inhale fresh air and clear your mind to continue work sessions more productively. I’ve talked about nutrition and movement so far, but what shouldn’t be forgot is your mind.

“Your thoughts influence your actions.” “You get what you think of.”

See yourself in the position you would like to be, concentrate on the positive experiences and learn from the bad ones instead of getting desperate. Your attitude is crucial for what happens to you, how people react to you and how you act towards events happening in your life. Keep that in mind.

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You may be sometimes not in the mood to go in the kitchen and prepare your own food. Please believe me that healthy food doesn’t mean to spend several hours in the kitchen. There are so many simple healthy meals you can prefer in 15 minutes or less. If you still need some motivation, read the guest commentary of Kerstin Wiesauer about how to motivate yourself for healthy cooking.

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