flashback 2017

Hey lovely reader!

It’s the last day of 2017 which means it’s time to reflect the last 364 days and to create a vision for the upcoming 365 days.

First of all I would like to share with you that I’m not exclusively vegan. Yes, I would to motivate non-vegans to include vegan meals in your daily life, to eat less meat and dairy products than the average person and to care about the ecological and moral aspects of food production.

However I experienced this year that you have to be very careful and mindful regarding a vegan nutrition. It’s a fact that you receive less proteins and lack some important nutrients and vitamins.

Some months ago I visited my doctor and was prognosticated with vitamin B12 and iron shortage. I know that it’s my own mistake because I didn’t use any food supplements and wasn’t well informed about how to provide my body with all necessary substances. That’s why I would like to motivate you to read articles about vegan nutrition and to inform yourself very good.

During the summer I visited Serbia and lived there for six weeks. When I told the Serbian people that I don’t like to eat meat the were very surprised. Especially because I’m from Germany and most of the typical German dishes consist of meat. I’m an open minded person and love to try new meals, that’s why I tested the typical Serbian food as well. As you might recognized I still prefer vegan meals with all lot of veggies.

“It’s not about limiting yourself, it’s about finding yourself.”

Eat what you like to, care about your body, stay peaceful and mindful and don’t forget to smile daily. That’s my conclusion for this year.

Next year my plan is to focus on vegan meal prep, to-go food and party snacks. I love to share my food with others and to help people with a though business life who still want to prepare their own meals and to eat them on the way.

THANK YOU for being here! I love every kind of constructive feedback, no matter if positive or negative, so please let me know about your thoughts, feelings and impressions.

Let’s start the new year with a lot of energy, positivity, peace and FOODIVITY!

Love, Leonie