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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the world of FOODIVITY!

Here are five random facts about me:

  1. I love cooking, baking and creating new recipes.
  2. I prefer to spend more time eating my meals than for preparing them – obvious.
  3. I hate plastic waste. That’s why I prefer to buy my food at the market and always bring my own bags to transport my stuff.
  4. I love dancing and I’m so glad to be part of an amazing dance school with talented, lovely and motivated people who always cheer up my day.
  5. I love listening to podcasts and reading books. Besides, I’m inspired by great personalities who share their stories on Instagram like Minh Hai and Arian. My favorite book is the big five for life by John Strelecky.

In February 2017, I started to create my own plant-based meals and since March 2018 I’m living on a plant-based diet. It’s not the easiest way you can take, but if it would be easy, it wouldn’t be so exciting right?

With the project FOODIVITY I’d like to reach out to you and to have as much positive influence on your life as possible.

Become a part of my journey!